It’s been 20 years since we got to know New York’s most ruthless mob boss

He was, for many, the character that 'changes everything'
jueves, 10 de enero de 2019 · 16:57

THE UNITED STATES, New York.- On January 10, 1999, an unknown series called “The Sopranos” premiered on HBO. It was the story of the life, both domestic and professional, of a New Jersey mob boss, who suddenly stars having panic attacks. 

A lot of people like to call “The Sopranos” the series that changes everything, the first glimpse at what today is Netflix, and all that explosion of series that raid our homes day after day. It is, for sure, the one that makes HBO true to its slogan: “it’s not TV. It’s HBO”.

The Sopranos’ cast included the late James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, the mob boss; Eddie Falco as his sometimes rebellious wife, Carmela; Tony Sirico, as “Pauli Walnuts”; Jamie-Lynn Sigler, as Meadow Soprano (Tony's daughter); Lorraine Bracco, as Dr. Jennifer Melfi; and Steve Schirripa, as Bobby Bacala; among others. Its creator was David Chase. They won the Golden Globe for best TV Drama in 1999 and also won several Emmy awards, including three for James Gandolfini and three for Eddie Falco, as best actor and actress for a TV Drama.

The series ended with an "unorthodox" final scene that let its fans asking themselves what was going to happened next, and opens the door for a stack of theories about Tony Sopranos's destiny.

It's also legendary the way James Gandolfini use to behave during the shootings, disappearing for days and making producers, directors, and writers having to change the schedule and adapt to his erratic behavior. 

Today, the 20th anniversary of its premiere, people want to remember "Tony" as they called him in the series, as its best mob friend ever. And "salute" to The Sopranos! 

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