"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed": one of Trump's most powerful allies

He has been a great support for the president during the government shutdown
viernes, 11 de enero de 2019 · 20:57

Washington D.C.- "If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed... and we will deserve it." wrote on May 3, 2016, South Carolina’s republican senator, and today one of the president's greatest allies, Lindsey Graham.

With that simple phrase published in a tweet, his opponents are attacking the Senator, which has been a great support for the president during the government shutdown. Only yesterday the senator wrote: “Mr. President, the Democrats are not working in good faith with you. Declare emergency, build the wall now.”

And just a few hours ago: “Just met with President Donald Trump and his team. It’s clear to both of us that Democrats don’t want to make a deal and will never support border wall/barriers. They hate President Trump more than they want to fix problems — even problems THEY acknowledged to be real and serious in the past! Democrats will do everything in their power to stop Trump in 2020”.

But Graham is failing to mention that he himself tried a compromise from both sides, and it fell apart because Trump wasn’t on board. As well as he seems to forget that president Trump yelled the senator’s private phone number to his followers in a rally, and they made him so crazy that he got to change his phone. 

“Mr. President, Declare a national emergency NOW. Build a wall NOW.”, ends Graham. 

But he is also failing to tell the president something about that move, that he told reporters after a meeting with his colleagues. “It would get challenged in court for sure as to whether or not this fits the statutory definition of an emergency. But I hope it works".

Is he playing a double game?

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